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Guest Blog Post: Emma Hamilton

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Live short storytelling? For adults? Is that a real thing?   It’s funny how your life can expand in the space of a heartbeat. Back in 2011, I received an invitation out of the blue from a woman I had never met. The show was to be for the Sunday Times at Latitude, one of the [...]

And All that Jazz…

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by  Isabelle Gapp... [br] A fantastic year of shows concluded with “And All That Jazz…” at The St James Theatre on the 18 November. Part of the EFG London Jazz Festival, the performance brought to life extracts from letters, poems, essays, stories and anecdotes all of which evoked the overwhelming presence of Jazz on both sides [...]

Bloggin’ Beattie: A Review of Ann Beattie’s “Janus”

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Ann Beattie's intimate, observational prose made her a unique voice for the baby boomers of the 1970's and 80's. Her narratives often explore the subtle struggle of her main characters – how they reconcile their bleak home lives with their complex, sometimes paradoxical personal beliefs, desires, and fantasies. "Janus," published in 1985, is Beattie at her best. [...]

Story Spotlight: “Yancey” by Ann Beattie

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With WordTheatre's "Ann Beattie and Her Stories" fast approaching, we're going to take a look at some of Beattie's best work. Ann Beattie first gained prominence as a writer in the early 1970's with her stories about “the disaffected post-counterculture yuppies” who grew up during the 60's. In "Yancey," her most recent short story published in [...]

Reading – The Grand Gateway

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Here at WordTheatre we were captivated by the way WSJ staff writer Meghan Cox Gurdon described the act of reading aloud to children: “Reading aloud was a kind of grand gateway, beautiful in itself but also an entry point to the larger world of literature. It was understood that a child who learned to love stories [...]

E.L. Doctorow, Ragtime Novelist, Joins Our Pushcart Prize Benefit Inviting Committee

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Famed author E.L. Doctorow lends his name to the Pushcart Prize Inviting Committee as WordTheatre kicks of the 40th anniversary celebrations on July 18 in East Hampton, NY.

Simon Van Booy—Philosopher, Writer, Magician—Joins Pushcart Inviting Committee

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WordTheatre is proud to welcome extraordinary writer Simon Van Booy to the 2015 Pushcart Inviting Committee. This British-American author’s work has been featured in short story collections, the New York Times, the Guardian, and the Times of London. His commitment to short stories—an art form he has mastered, as evidenced by his collection Love Begins in [...]

Joyce Carol Oates Endorses Pushcart Prize Benefit

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Joyce Carol Oates has added her name to the inviting committee of WordTheatre’s July 18th Benefit at Guild Hall in East Hampton, New York which kicks off The Pushcart Prize 40th Anniversary celebrations.