Bloggin’ Beattie: A Review of Ann Beattie’s “Janus”

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Ann Beattie's intimate, observational prose made her a unique voice for the baby boomers of the 1970's and 80's. Her narratives often explore the subtle struggle of her main characters – how they reconcile their bleak home lives with their complex, sometimes paradoxical personal beliefs, desires, and fantasies. "Janus," published in 1985, is Beattie at her best. [...]

Granta’s Dead Interviews Resurrect Your Favorite Legendary Icons

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Feel that chill in your bones? It's because the dead are starting to rise in time for our April 17th event. Check out which famous actors are bringing them to life...

Let’s Talk to the Dead: Granta’s Dead Interviews

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WordTheatre presents Granta's Dead Interviews at the Six01 Studio in Burbank on April 17th

Breakout Star Thomas Mann preforming for WordTheatre

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Me & Earl & the Dying Girl’s Breakout Star, Thomas Mann, will be preforming for WordTheatre on Sunday March 8th!

Robert Bausch: The Civil War aficionado

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Time to learn about one of WordTheatre's newest writers, Robert Bausch!

Richard Bausch: The Novelist who has mastered the Art of the Short Story

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Richard Bausch, a master of the short story, and a member of the WordTheatre community.

Lahore Literary Festival

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The Arts defy terrorism at the Lahore Literary Festival.

One Billion Rising: Robert Redford on why he is joining Eve Ensler’s campaign

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One Billion Rising: Robert Redford on why he is joining Eve Ensler's campaign Actor and activist Robert Redford explains why he's joining Eve Ensler's One Billion Rising campaign, which aims to encourage people around the world to take action to end violence against women and girls. The campaign has named its 'deadline for justice' [...]

One Billion Rising: Rosario Dawson on why she is joining Eve Ensler

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Learn why Rosario Dawson has joined One Billion Rising as well as which of our actors will be supporting the cause at our Stories. Bourbon. Music & Macaroons event in February.

Screen Actors Guild Awards: WordTheatre Actors Abound

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It’s our favorite time of the year…award season and today we honor the many friends of WordTheatre® nominated for Screen Actors Guild awards.