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WordTheatre hosted Brunch with Charles Baxter presented in association with Jan Eliasberg

  • Caroline Goodall (Schindler’s List, The Princess Diaries) read “Silent Movie” from A Relative Stranger (W.W. Norton 1990).
  • William Schallert (The Patty Duke Show) read “The Cliff” from Harmony of the World (Vintage 1997).
  • Adam Arkin (The West Wing, Chicago Hope, The Doctor) read “Gryphon” from Through the Safety Net (Penguin Viking 1985).
  • Catherine Dent (21 Grams, Auto-Focus, The Shield) read “Chapter 18” from Feast of Love (Pantheon 2000).
  • Charles Baxter read an excerpt from his new book  Saul and Patsy (Pantheon 2003).

About the author:

Charles Baxter is an award-winning author who has written five novels, seven short story and essay collections, three poetry collections, and one work of non-fiction. His works include Gryphon, Imaginary Paintings, Saul and Patsy, as well as The Feast of Love which was nominated for the National Book Award and adapted to film. Through his work he has achieved many awards, such as the The Award in Literature, American Academy of Arts and Letters and The Cohen Award.  His most recent work was Gryphon: New and Selected Stories published in 2011.

Produced and directed by Cedering Fox