The Women

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  • “Jazz” by Dylan Landis was performed by Amanda Seyfried
  • “Gabe” by Holiday Reinhorn was performed by Meredith Scott Lynn
  • “Appleless” by Aimee Bender was performed by Roma Maffia
  • “The Womanless Wedding” by Ellen Slezak was performed by by Rusty Schwimmer
  • “Yellow” by Diana Wagman was performed by Lindsey Shaw
  • “You” or “How You Lost Yourself” by Deborah Vankin was read by Nina Siemzasko
  • “When Writing is an Emergency” by Mary Otis was read by Dinah Lenney

Doors opened at 7 PM for dinner
Readings began at 8 PM

Produced and Directed by Cedering Fox
 2007 United States Artists Grant Nominee