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With Sponsorship from EFG.

Cricket Gala

July 24th 6pm-10:30pm

An evening in the Garsington Pavilion, featuring a special cricket themed hour presented by WordTheatre followed by readings of stories from the first Words and Wickets Children’s Writing Competition, musical cricket comedy and a panel discussion.


  • Sir Timothy Ackroyd  read “The Match” by Stacy Aumonier.
  • Ben Miller read “Cricket as complex narrative” by Patrick Neate.
  • Honeysuckle Weeks read a poem by Wendy Cope.
  • Ben Starr read “US Cricket Guy”.
  • Peter Sandys-Clarke read a poem by PG Wodehouse.
  • Hatty Preston read “Cricket Detractor”.
  • Emma Hamilton read”Cricket Philosopher”.
  • Matt Barber read “Harold Pinter and the Art of Cricket Poetry” by Andy Bull.
  • Miles Jupp read from his own novel “Fibber in the Heat”.



Cricket Tournaments

July 25th & 26th

WordTheatre returned to the famous Getty’s Pitch to celebrate cricket and literature as WordTheatre continued its collaboration with A Chance to Shine to bring stories to life in challenging secondary schools across great Britain. Saturday kicked off with a match between the Authors XI and the Musicians XI. Saturday a match between the Authors XI and the actors XI continued a rivalry which began over 100 years ago.

In addition to cricket, guests enjoyed readings of cricket literature, discussion and comedy. Visit http://www.wordsandwickets.com for more information.

Produced by Kirsty Peart and Cedering Fox.

EFG is a keen supporter of the written word. In addition to its close association with The Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award, it has supported a number of literary festivals, including Charleston, Althorp and Chipping Norton, and has worked with WordTheatre for several years.