By Adrian Ernesto Cepeda

You may recognize friend of WordTheatre®, Gregg Henry, from his brilliant acting stints in Scandal, his role as the voice of Chris Pratt’s grandfather in Guardians of the Galaxy and on Netflix’s police procedural The Killing. Henry’s first performance that caught my attention was his role as Paul McCain in a 1985 episode of my favorite show growing up, Moonlighting. Henry played a late night talk radio DJ whose voice enthralled the City of Angels. It’s that same timeless voice you can experience by downloading Gregg Henry’s reading Margaret McMullan’s short story “The Swing” from WordTheatre’s Ahhh, Xmas – Volume 1 on

Henry has already had an eclectic career resume, from his stints in such films as 1983’s Scarface, 1984’s Body Double and 2006’s The Black Dahlia. Henry has also lit up the television screens in shows like Murder, She Wrote, 24, Gilmore Girls and, most recently, The Following. When talking about his diverse roles, Henry told A.V. Club, “Well, careers have ebbs and cycles, and you’re always looking up a rung and going, ‘Well, I’m sure that next rung up would be better.’ But I was always very grateful to be working.”

Henry has been a regular supporter of WordTheatre, reading at WordTheatre with Percival Everett & Danzy Senna at Chapman University in 2013. We are so proud of his recent success on the television and movie screens. Henry spoke to Yahoo TV about his recent acting fortunes when he said, “I scratch my head. I’m not sure quite why things happen, but I’m very grateful that they are. I think, beginning with The Riches and the role of Hugh Panetta, which was a real favorite of mine, then through Hung and into Scandal — Hollis Doyle is such a great character. They’re all really fun characters, and they have some size and some scope. I’m saying ‘thank you’s every day.”

We at WordTheatre have been following Gregg Henry’s eclectic career since the beginning and are excited to see where he pops us next. If you’re a fan of him as much as we are, be sure to catch him as he joins us for WordTheatre’s Granta’s Dead Interviews on April 17th at Six01 Studio in Burbank. RSVP with your ticket purchase at WordTheatre®: