By Adrian Ernesto Cepeda


Who says the dead have to stay buried? Not our friends at Granta! Their Dead Interviews will resurrect some of your favorite departed icons on April 17, 2015, at Six01Studio in Burbank, CA.

Check out the talented performers that WordTheatre® has lined up to bring your favorite literary and pop cultural icons to life:


Sara ClarkeSarah Clarke has been seen in The Twilight Saga but is best known for her riveting performance as Nina Myers in 24.  ForLayout 2Granta’s Dead Interviews, Clarke tackles the role of Rebecca Miller— the film director, screenwriter, actress and author of Personal Velocity. She interviews the French aristocrat, revolutionary politician, philosopher, writer and world infamous sexual libertine, the Marquis deSade. He is played by Jason Butler Harner who you may have seen in The Newsroom, Homeland and Scandal. Most recently Jason Butler has been added as a series regular on the Showtime series Ray Donovan. Harner will no doubt lend his emotional depth to deSade and give this misunderstood icon a sympathetic humanity.


Jackson Rathbone hsJackson Rathbone is best known as Jasper Hale in The Twilight Saga. Rathbone will be portraying the role of Canadian John Fleck headshot 1author and artist Doug Coupland who coined the phrase Generation X from his 1991 best-selling book. He will be interviewing Andy Warhol, played by John Fleck, who Trekkies will recognize from Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Most recently, Fleck has been seen on the chilling series True Blood. We at WordTheatre can’t wait to see Fleck bringing Andy Warhol’s sensational spirit to life.


Ron Bottitta 1Ron Bottitta has been seen on such iconic shows such as Alias and Lost, and his latest conquests include the film The Adventures xanderof Tin Tin and the series Elementary. Bottitta will portray the role of English writer Geoff Dyer who interviews Friedrich Nietzsche, played by Xander Berkeley. You will recognize Berkeley from his performances in such classic shows as M*A*S*H, The A-Team, The Incredible Hulk, The X-Files, ER, CSI, Law & Order and most recently in 24 and the film Taken. His resurrection of the renowned German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche for Dead Interviews is sure to delight.


gregg henry 4Gregg Henry has graced the screen on such memorable TV shows as Moonlighting, Magnum P.I., C.S.I., Gilmore Girls, and most Nyambi Nyambi 2recently in Scandal and The Killing. He will embody the role of Rick Moody, the author of The Ice Storm,  and will interview Jimi Hendrix who is played by Nyambi Nyambi. You will recognize him from the series Mike & Molly, and Nyambi is sure to rock his rendition of one of history’s greatest guitar players at Six01Studios in Burbank.


James Gleason 1James Gleason has been a key character in TV’s Modern Family, and he will manifest the role of Michel Faber as he interviews Christopher PennockFrench Dada artist Marcel Duchamp, played by Christopher Pennock, a lifetime member of the Actors Studio. Pennock has participated in classic series such as Melrose Place, The A-Team, Cagney and Lacey, Dark Shadows and most recently on Theatre Fantastique.


Get ready to witness these talented actors and friends of WordTheatre incarnate your favorite literary and pop cultural icons. Make sure to reserve your ticket to the literary resurrection event of the century at Six01 Studio in Burbank, where the dead come to life for one night only.

Date: April 17
Time: 8:00 pm10:30 pm
Venue: Six01 Studio, Burbank, CA

Tickets are $20 before April 3rd.

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