By: Brianne Rios

We at WordTheatre® are excited to announce our next event Granta’s Dead Interviews at the Six01 Studio in Burbank on April 17th from 8:00pm-10:30pm. This incredible event has been made possible thanks to Granta commissioning brilliant authors to write an “interview” with their favorite dead celebrity. The results created a sensational book with hilarious interviews.

WordTheatre® actors will be performing 5 out of the 13 interviews. Performances include Canadian novelist Doug Coupland interviewing visual artist Andy Warhol. English writer Geoff Dyer interviewing 19th century German philosopher Friedrich Nietsczhe. Dutch fiction writer Michel Faber interviewing French artist Marcel Duchamp. American novelist and filmmaker Rebecca Miller interviewing 18th century French author The Marquis De Sade, and American novelist and short story writer Ricky Moody interviewing American guitarist Jimi Hendrix.

The interviews range from inspiring to deranged to humorous, all the while building a nuanced and entertaining portrait of some of history’s greatest creative minds. However, the exchanges don’t resort to mere idol worship. These now deceased writers and thinkers are posed some tough questions and often have difficulty confronting the more scandalous aspects of their lives. When Rebecca Miller interviews The Marquis De Sade, whose uninhibited and aggressive philosophy towards sex landed him in prison, Miller doesn’t pull any punches:

Marquis De Sade: I had it all carefully ordered. At the top of the pyramid were me and my wife. Then came Gothon Duffe, my valet’s lover. 

Rebecca Miller: Your valet – La Jeunesse?

MdS: Yes. He left his family to be with Gothon for her enormous ass. Then we had Jean and Saint-Louis, a drunk. He was a terror, feared no one. Nanon was the housekeeper. Then we had my young male secretary, who was about fifteen, and five serving damsels – between twelve and fifteen, I think. My wife assembled the absurd cast herself. Then we had a couple of dancers and a cook. All told, it was twenty people. 

RM: All of whom were immured in the chateau, unable to escape. 

MdS: Nonsense. 

RM: What was your role?

MdS: I was the master of ceremonies.

[…] I turned the derangement of the senses into a work of art. I even controlled the emissions. 

RM: You hurt the children under your care?

Dan Crowe, editor of Dead Interviews, spoke to The Guardian and said “We all talk to the dead. Yes, of course we do: the seance is called reading.” In the book’s introduction, he says it was back in 2003 while editing his literary quarterly Zembla where he came up with the “killer” idea of having living authors interview their dead literary heroes. “We all talk with the dead, whether we’re daydreaming about impossible conversations or asking deceased loved ones for solace and advice,” Crowe says in the book’s introduction. Crowe has created a fun literary biography by mixing fiction with the history of a person’s life. While watching the event, audiences will believe they are watching a real interview between well-known author’s and some of the world’s most famous dead icons. It’s going to be an extremely memorable event.

Join WordTheatre® on Friday, April 17th at Six01 Studio and come and see your favorite celebrities come back from the dead with hilarious results! Complimentary Blonde and Stormy cocktails with Papa’s Pilar Rum will pair nicely with these stories. For ticket pricing and more information visit