Mark Ruffalo’s Acts of Hulkian Kindness

By Adrian Ernesto Cepeda

Saturday is Random Acts of Kindness Day, and watching The Daily Show’s host Jon Stewart interview actress Sienna Miller, they both agreed that the actor from such movies as Foxcatcher, The Normal Heart, Begin Again and The Avengers, Mark Ruffalo gives the best hugs. But this fine actor and friend of Word Theatre® gives more than hugs. Ruffalo has been volunteering to feed the homeless and help those in need since he started out as a poor actor.

Ruffalo’s philosophy on charitable kindness is a simple one that we, as his fans, should all follow: “I let my heart sort of guide me.” Ruffalo’s altruistic heart beats for causes that affect his kids and all families around the globe. While most celebrities have trouble finding funding for their causes, Mark’s enthusiastic humanitarianism has singlehandedly raised over $182,000 for Water Defense. He has even taken to the streets to protest the building of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Why would a Hollywood actor recently nominated for an Oscar protest for such a cause? Ruffalo explained his reasons to by saying, “My kids, man! My kids were there at the climate march with me. It’s my kids. I could live my life rather comfortably and I could do a lot to stem off climate change. I won’t be able to fight it forever, it’s going to happen to everyone, I don’t give a goddamn how much money you’ve got, it’s coming to your door, there’s no area you’re going to move to that’s going to be less affected, this is a global issue.

[…] And I see it happening and it literally is heartbreaking to me.”

More than just another Hollywood actor, Mark Ruffalo is using his celebrity status to give back to causes that will leave our world a much better place. Jon Stewart and Sienna Miller are more than right, because Ruffalo doesn’t just give hugs; he embraces humanity.

On this upcoming Random Acts of Kindness Day we should follow the lead of this Avenger. Let us all follow his Hulkian lead and stand up for charitable causes, rise to the challenges of the earth, and embrace humanity.

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