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The Arts Club was founded in 1863 in order to facilitate relationshipsArts-Club-Logo
with those connected and interested in Art, Literature or Science. The Club
has provided this hospitality and friendship ever since, and has been a
frequent venue for WordTheatre performances.


NeueHouse is a complete rethinking of the ideal working environment for NeueHouse-Logo
today’s creators in such fields as film, design, fashion, publishing, the arts
and tech. It has accommodated several WordTheatre events in its ideal
space in New York.


Soho House was founded in London, in 1995, as a private members’ club soho
for those in film, media and other creative industries. It has since expanded
through across Europe and North America, with its West Hollywood
venue housing many WordTheatre performances.


Consistently ranked among the top universities in the West, Chapman
University attracts highly qualified students from around the globe.
Its programs are designed to encourage leadership in innovation, creativityChapman-University-Logo
and collaboration. The university now excels in film and media arts,
performing arts, educational studies, economics and business, law,
humanities and the sciences.


[ALOUD] brings together today’s brightest cultural, scientific,
and political luminaries with the curious minds of Los Angeles.Aloud-logo
In its mission to do so, The Library Foundation of Los Angeles
supports and enriches the capabilities, resources, and services
of the Los Angeles Public Library.


Founded in 1968, Foto Care has always been passionate about photography fotocare-logo-300x146
but even more passionate about the lifelong journey that photographers
embark on. Its commitment to the photographic community extends well
beyond a purchase, and the staff has provided WordTheatre with consistent
support during its events.


Jeff Fasano has photographed and built relationships with notable
artists from around the world. He is also a speaker and workshop jeff fasano log
leader helping people discover their passion and purpose in addition
to being a co-founder of The Angel News Network.