Swimming within the beauty of David Vann’s Aquarium

By Adrian Ernesto Cepeda

Alaskan born writer David Vann, whose Sunday Times EFG Award winning story “It’s Not Yours” read by Rhashan Stone is available for download at Audible.com, has a new novel, Aquarium. Receiving rave reviews, the novel has already been optioned for film by Rhodri Thomas, producer of Ang Lee’s upcoming film, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.

WordTheatre® is enamored of Vann’s exquisite short stories. However, he recently told The Short Form, “I think freedom is in the longer form, and immersion. The short story can break open a smaller moment, as poetry can, but I do find novels finally more ambitious and satisfying, and I’m able to discover much more as a writer.” According to New York Times Review of Books’ reviewer Linda Millet, “[Aquarium is] his first book not dominated by furious and dangerous men or boys.” Speaking about the change of tone in Vann’s latest novel, Millet writes, “Aquarium has a vastly different feel from Vann’s other books, a tone and texture quite removed from the relentlessness of his Alaskan (and rural Californian) tales. It leaves more space for the reader, it dwells less on physical mechanics, and it has a softer touch, as it befits its gentle child protagonist.” The Chicago Tribune also agreed when reviewing Aquarium, calling Vann’s novel: “A beautiful book.” The Daily Mail UK also raved calling Aquarium: “A Triumph!”

When asked by Totally Dublin, the differences between writing fiction and nonfiction, Vann replied, “In fiction, I think we’re trying to limit the world. We’re trying to cut away everything that doesn’t matter[…] It’s only when you focus in close and you really put your characters under pressure that you can see them break and believe that they are breaking. It’s in these moments that we see ourselves revealed.”

WordTheatre is proud of David Vann’s success and the critical acclaim for his new novel, Aquarium. We urge you to read this talented writer’s, delicate and sensual literary fiction. And make sure to download his Sunday Times EFG Award winning story “It’s Not Yours,” available for download at Audible.com.

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