You know her as the artist who weaves together the perfect author and actor pairings that constitute WordTheatre’s programming. She has brought together such talents as Julianna Margulies reading Amy Hempel and James Franco reading Jim Shepard to inspire curiosity, empathy and self-expression. However, here are some things you may not know about WordTheatre’s Artistic Director, CEDERING FOX, who returns as the voice of the 87th Oscars® telecast, this Sunday, February 22, 2015 on ABC.

Cedering Fox, one of the most identifiable female voices in America, has been tapped to announce the Oscars® for the third consecutive year. Her sultry, warm and intelligent voice was first discovered by advertising executives at Saatchi and Saatchi in New York, where she immediately started booking network commercials. On a visit west, friends heard her voice on an At & T commercial that played during the Oscars and one of them was so impressed he recommended her to top voiceover agents who encouraged her to move west. Once in Los Angeles, she was hired for three weeks to fill in for the male announcer at KCAL and when the reel created from that work was heard by Marla Provenzio at ABC’s promotions department, Fox was hired. This led to announcing work for every major network and many cable stations such as CNN and ESPN. Fox has voiced hundreds of network and affiliate promos, several award-winning documentaries, a couple of movie trailers and, of course, numerous commercials!

She has announced The Producers Guild Awards for four years running, The People’s Choice Awards, The Democratic National Convention, The GLAAD Awards and the 2013 Mayoral Inauguration of Eric Garcetti. Cedering enjoys longstanding gigs with many local affiliate stations across America, is an announcer for Promax/BDA and enjoys donating her announcing skills to many charitable organizations including The United Way, Liberty Hill Foundation, PANCAN and ‘What a Pair’ for Breast Cancer Research.

When asked about her experiences as the voice of the Oscars®, she commented that “there is nothing like a live announcing gig. A team comes together, rehearses and then it’s showtime! In the case of the Oscars, a whole town comes together – it is a big production and we practice myriad possibilities because nobody knows, until that envelope is opened, who will win. Nothing is more exhilarating than being part of such an excellent production. I get to work with the best and the brightest. Yes, the pressure is intense, and so far I haven’t made a mistake on air, but you can never relax and say, ‘I got this!’ You must stay on hyper alert and be one hundred percent in the moment. It is an honor to be hired for this job and I want to make the powers that be happy that they hired me for the third time. Then perhaps they’ll hire me again!”

This is the same passion and work ethic she brings to WordTheatre where she pairs the perfect actor with the perfect story time and time again! It is this passion that  has pushed WordTheatre to become an internationally renowned, non-profit organization dubbed the “short story performance specialists” by The Sunday Times.