Tim O’Brien and the UCLA Wordcommandos

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by Robert Morgan Fisher
UCLA Wordcommandos

On Tuesday, October 18th, 2016, the UCLA Wordcommandos Creative Writing Workshop for Veterans with PTSD engaged in a successful Night Op to The Federal Bar in North Hollywood. With transportation support from Uber and a generous discount in ticket prices for Veterans (both paid for by UCLA and made possible by Cedering Fox), the Wordcommandos engaged author Tim O’Brien face to face in the upstairs room. Over the course of two hours, a fierce literary firefight ensued in which many of O’Brien’s short stories were masterfully read by famous actors, including: Joely Fisher, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, Darrell Larson, Jason George and Glynn Turman. Almost all of the 11 Wordcommandos in attendance had read either the collection The Things They Carried or at least the title story—so this Operation was tantamount to them getting to see The Beatles.

In addition to night vision goggles, all the Wordcommandos were equipped with copies of The Things They Carried, which Mr. O’Brien generously signed.

There were no casualties. No one left behind.

The UCLA Wordcommandos would like to thank Cedering Fox, Rachel Ewing and Darrell Larson of WordTheatre. We’d also like to thank UCLA and the West LA VA for their continued, amazing support.